Artist Statement

The inks capture the essence of flowers and fruits so nicely!  I love to let the flow of the inks create a soft and delicate look to the leaves and petals. Last year I discovered the black, glossy paper which requires you to apply white inks before adding color, the results are the flowers have an eerie and "other worldly" look. 

Alcohol Inks on YUPO
Dual Pears
9" x 12" (Unframed) Alcohol Inks on Yupo paper. HonorableMention at Pacific Art League Member's Exhibit.
Cone Flowers
9" x 12"(Unframed). Alcohol Inks On mineral paper. Mineral paper give a whole different quality to the alcohol inks. It looks more 'velvety' whichI think works well for the flowers.
In the Garden
12" x 9"(Unframed). Alcohol Inks On Yupo paper. Sold.
Apple and Leaves
12" x 9" (Unframed). Alcohol Inks On Yupo paper.
Pink Tulips
7" x 11"(Unframed). Alcohol Inks On Yupo paper.
6" x 4" (Unframed). Alcohol Inks On Yupo paper.
Red Flower
8" x 10" (Unframed) Alcohol Inks on glossy black stock.
4"x 6" (Unframed).
Alcohol Inks on Yupo paper.
5x7; Alcohol Inks on YUPO
7x5; Alcohol Inks on YUPO
Daisies and Vase
9x12; Alcohol Inks on YUPO
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