Artist Statement

My main subject matter in watercolor had always been portraiture, so, naturally, I tried the alcohol inks for this as well. I found that working with the inks was not so easy. Accurate skin tones were almost impossible to get, and then there was the splotchiness and swirls; so attractive in plants, water or hills; sometimes gave the faces a distorted look. Currently I am not making figurative paintings in alcohol inks, but do plan to try other techniques to see if I get what I am envisioning.  I plan to work on mylar so that I can use both sides of the paper and have more control over the areas where the colors need to be right next to each other. In exploring this medium for portraiture, I found that the natural flow of the inks worked very well in conveying the flow of the Flamenco costumes which led to the pieces shown here.

Click on the picture to see a larger size

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